What’s rebranding all about?

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Rebranding is about more than just slapping up a new logo and calling it a day. Your brand communicates the essence of your organisation to your market and is your company’s identity. And it is just as important to the smallest of businesses as it is to the largest. Rebranding should focus on:

Communicating your core values to your customers

It’s about helping your company, and your customers, make the gradual and confident switch to a company demonstrating its core values.
These values should line up with your company culture and how you communicate with your customers.
When transitioning, you want to honour your commitment to the new brand without abandoning what your loyal customers love about you.

Defining your position in the market

The aim of positioning is to hold a positive and valuable place in the minds of your customers. It communicates the way you want your customers, staff and suppliers to think and feel about your company.
Your brand is about making sure that pride, quality and satisfaction are more than buzzwords.

With this all in mind, we’ve rebranded Lime-Red Design!

We’ve opted to keep some of the old, while bringing in a fresh new look that matches our work we do today.
To be the best at what we do, we’ve transitioned to have a focus on fresh, modern, clean designs. We thought it was time that we made our look match our clients.
Our new brand still honours our history, with the use of the same colour pallet in the logo and the name. Our tagline has the same sentiment, but has been simplified to our core values.

Get Noticed. Be Remembered.



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