Is it time for a rebrand?

Is it time for a rebrand?

is it time for a rebrand? - LimeRed letterheads - Is it time for a rebrand?

Companies rebrand for a number of reasons including: change of ownership, to modernise a dated look or to otherwise represent the growth and change in a company. A rebrand is a good way to say, hey we’re still here and this is the new “us”.

Think of it like updating your car or your house. As new things become available in the marketplace, ideally your company should showcase this. Rebranding is how you keep your company looking trendy and up with the times.

When rebranding, it’s a good idea to keep a key element of the existing brand so you still remain somewhat familiar to your existing clients. You don’t want your clients thinking you’ve left and gone to Peru and put a complete stranger in charge of the company. Speaking of, take a look at our last couple of rebrands (wee joke there) …

The first rebrand occurred in order to modernise the look. As the company grew and matured, our image needed to more clearly represent the graphic design abilities of our business (the middle image). The company had been established for five years at this time and had settled into its capabilities. It was time to update the look to reflect this.

In 2015, when new owners took over the business, it had been at least five years since the last rebrand so the timing was perfect for another revision. The new owners felt the previous brand had done its time and the business was moving more into the online world. The new brand needed to represent this shift in focus and become more streamlined and digital looking.

Note the elements that have been changed and kept between each of the rebrands. Between the original and the second brand, the logo font and colours were kept, along with the circular shape/s. Between 2011 and 2016, while there were more substantial changes to the look, the easily recognisable font styles and colours are still very much the same.

A rebrand isn’t just about giving a company a whole new, random image. It’s a carefully considered approach which involves a company review. The current (or changed) internal company dynamics are considered, along with any changes in ownership/key staff and/or products and services. This identifies anew the company’s current position in the marketplace and how this company should now represent itself.

If you need help with your rebrand at any step along the way, just come and see us. We have marketing specialists on hand who can help you brainstorm and our graphics department can take care of everything else.