Are you getting the right customers?

are you getting the right customers? - customers image e1490042995966 - Are you getting the right customers?

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Attracting the wrong crowd?

You’ve been in business a while now but you’re still attracting the wrong crowd. Perhaps they’re clients who question every invoice, distrust your expertise, expect everything for nothing, or completely misunderstand your business and what you can do for them. If this sounds like you, then we’ve got some good news for you. You can turn all that around.

If you’re attracting the wrong segment of the market, then whether you realise it or not, your business is putting out the wrong message. How can this be? Perhaps you’ve invested quite heavily in a marketing strategy, or in graphic design and advertising? Well, there’s one very simple underlying factor that, under scrutiny, will change everything for you – and that’s your marketing message.

What’s your message?

What message is your business putting out there? If you’re not getting the customers you want, then whether you realise it or not, your business is putting out the wrong message to your audience. If that’s the case, you need to take a good look at your business and reposition yourself in the marketplace.

Reviewing your business and your market

Perhaps you’ve spent money on a marketing plan already and if that’s the case, you could be questioning why things aren’t working out better for you. First question: when is the last time you invested in your marketing strategy? Perhaps this is now old information. Second question: did you do the work thoroughly? A solid marketing plan will have you answering a wide range of questions about your business to ensure you are targeting the right market. You’ll look at everything from your looks to your message, including:

  • Listing everything your business offers
  • Identifying what your business does well
  • Identifying what is unique about your business offerings
  • Making a list of the types of customers you don’t want to work with and the types of customers you do want to work with
  • Taking a close look at who your target market is: their age, gender, region; where they hang out.

Market positioning and reach

The answers to the questions posed by your marketing plan then dictate your advertising strategy ensuring a streamlined approach to your marketing. The marketing plan will highlight for you:

  • How your business should be presenting itself – which will include
    • Updating your message
    • Updating your looks/your brand
  • Where to network
    • Online (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.)
    • In person (which networking events and groups to attend or belong to)
  • How to network or advertise and where
    • Social media (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc.)
    • Website
    • Brochures/flyers
    • Digital templates – letterhead, proposal documents
    • Brochures – hard copy or digital
    • etc.

With a plan you can

Everything is easy once there is a strategy in place. Marketing your business to attract the right audience and customer is no different.

If you need help reaching the right customers for your business come and see us. We have a solid partnership with well-established and experienced marketing agency, Synthesis Marketing and our design team can take care of the rest.



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