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Digital offerings are becoming increasingly important with email virtually replacing post

Here are our top three digital must-haves to impress your customers with your correspondence:


1. Email signature

Most companies have an email signature nowadays but watch out for some common mistakes that will make yours look amateur:Email Signature - Cloud Edge knock them dead online - Email Signature - Knock them dead online

  • Your image needs to be good quality, not blurry
  • Some devices can’t view the graphic so if all your information is inside your image, then your email signature will be missing key information. Include the important details: your name, company and website address, in text format, underneath the image
  • Ensure your website address has a working link. You’d be surprised at how many email signatures we see that have a reference to a company website but the link doesn’t work. Check your links
  • Be sure to include ALL the important information underneath your graphic: your name, company, website address, PO box number and phone number. At a glance, anyone should be able to get in contact with you, easily
Your email signature is just as important as any other piece of marketing material and is today’s digital business card. Be sure yours is doing a good job.


2. Digital letterheadknock them dead online - email imagery - Knock them dead online

Get your letterhead designed in digital format so you can use it in Word. This way it’s really easy for you to send out professional looking letters; just attach them to your email.

  • Having a follow-on page as well will be useful if you send out long letters; good for firms like lawyers or those sending out long contracts.
  • You might also want to consider having a proposal (or tender) template on hand as well. This can be designed in Word too and will be highly useful if you are regularly competing for government tenders. You can personalise this same document and use it in other ways too.

Once you have your digital letterhead at the ready, you can print the odd letterhead page here and there too if you need a printed version. Bye-bye expensive printing costs.


3. Online brochures

Brochures or information booklets add an touch of class and are a good source of information for potential clients. You can email these directly to your clients and upload them to your website too.

Sarah Searancke Catering 2017 knock them dead online - Sarah Searancke Catering 2017 300x226 - Knock them dead online Sarah Searancke Catering – click the image to view the online PDF.

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