What’s with Google Analytics?

What’s with Google Analytics?

So you’ve heard about it, but what exactly can Google Analytics tell you about your business and is it really worth knowing about?

Heck yes!

In brief, Google Analytics can highlight areas of your website that are popular with visitors and on the flip side, give you important information about where it’s all going wrong.

With Google Analytics by your side, instead of stabbing in the dark, you can get some really useful insights on how to better shape your website for your audience. And who doesn’t want that, when a higher level of audience satisfaction equals higher levels of website traffic, better online rankings as a result and more sales … Ca-ching!


So where do you start?

Out of the hundreds of reporting widgets available, here are the top five, in our view:

1.    Visitor numbers

See how many people are visiting your site month by month. As you make modifications and improvements to your site, you should see this number increasing.

2.    Visitor demographics

You want numbers but you also need to ensure you’re hitting the right market. If your target is regional or New Zealand (rather than international), it’s important that the majority of your website visitors are from there. It’s pointless having a website that’s performing well internationally when your market is right here in New Zealand, or in Lower Hutt.

3.    Referral sites

Get the rundown on where your market is coming from. How many of your visitors are finding your website through a Google search? These numbers tell you how well your site is performing and ranking online.

Other referral sites can be surprising (and potentially useful) when you find out about other companies out there referring visitors to your website.

Referral information will also tell you how your online marketing strategy is doing as you can see the numbers coming through to your website from your social marketing efforts, e.g. Facebook.

4.    Popular landing pages

Find out your most popular pages and learn more about your visitors. This information can guide your content strategy.

5.    Bounce rates

It’s important to keep an eye on your bounce rates as high bounce rates indicate a lack of interest in your site and/or high numbers of spam visits. A high bounce rate means people are clicking on your site and leaving fairly quickly without looking further into your site or bothering to visit another page. There can be a lot of reasons for a high bounce rate, all worthy of further investigation. To read more about bounce rates refer to our previous blog.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as what’s on offer from Google Analytics. Depending on your business and your specific aims, a lot more widgets can be added to this list.

Here’s an example report built from Google Analytics data. If you’d like one of these for your company, just get in touch with us.