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Our process in action with NZSA

NZSA new logo nzsa brand story - NZSA logo - NZSA brand story

The early stages

NZSA’s initial request was a new logo, however the need for a new logo is nearly always indicative of a change in company direction.

After further discussion with NZSA, it soon became apparent that what was required was a revisit of not just the logo, but the brand strategy, to ensure their brand was working for them and hitting the right market.

In the first instance and to begin making these kinds of changes to the brand, NZSA needed to get the support of numerous stakeholders. This involved not only their members in New Zealand, but also NZSA’s global community.

Revisiting the brand

We wanted to know where NZSA was currently positioned in the marketplace and how effectively their marketing was working for them in targeting their desired market.

We partnered with Synthesis Marketing to undertake a brand audit which uncovered:

  • There was no consistency with their current brand. The society was using various different names, logos and colours
  • The brand was dated, with a focus on history, having little relevance to the society’s current role and vision
  • The society often defaulted their name to ‘NZSA’ which was not unique and was used by more than six other NZ institutions across a medley of industries.

Our partners, Synthesis Marketing, created a brand brief in collaboration with NZSA. From this, a variety of designs was presented to NZSA, who chose the final design; the aim being to depict a modern representation of the society’s leadership role in the lives of anaesthetists, both young and old, here and abroad

The new brand

We applied the new brand across NZSA’s portfolio, including:
  • Letterhead and business cards
  • Email signatures
  • Email newsletter layout and design
  • A new website design
  • A new design and layout for the NZSA quarterly magazine
  • Various flyers, banners and event invitations.

We also provided them with a ‘brand identity guidelines’ document so they could ensure they stayed true to their brand going forward.

Client feedback

Renu Borst, CEO of New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists says,

“When I met Andy I knew this was someone we could work with. We were trying to solve a lot of things and Andy is the sort of person who comes up with practical solutions. He knows where to start and takes a long term view.

Andy is a good collaborator and he gets the right people working together to their strengths.  This was not about just getting a new logo. This was about being focused and communicating our strategy through our brand.

It’s turned into a relationship where we have a great support team around us who we call on whenever we need something.  It’s always about smiles, professionalism, great customer service and solving our problems. And we are seeing the results.

We are now focused on our strategy, we know who we are and we are enjoying the momentum of growth. We have a professional package to present. Membership is up and there is more engagement within our community. Even overseas we are seen in more of a leadership role, and we are hitting all the right spots.”

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