Digital design to help you stand out from the crowd

Professionally designed documents you can edit yourself

We can give your documents a great look and brand these for you, ready for you to use and edit yourself, again and again.

Word and PowerPoint templates

We can design all kinds of documents for you to edit and update in user-friendly Word or PowerPoint: letterhead, proposal templates you can custom write for each big job you’re going after, or how about a highly polished slideshow for your next presentation? Just tell us what you need.

Cloud Edge Digital Sales Proposal digital design - Cloud Edge company profile - Digital Design | Graphic Design Lower Hutt, Wellington
This design has been saved into a Microsoft Word template so it can be used again and again and personally customised by the client each time.
digital design - newsletter design for NZSA - Digital Design | Graphic Design Lower Hutt, Wellington
This newsletter was designed in Campaign Monitor. We also use Mailchimp and other platforms. If you need help with the look of your newsletter, just ask us.

Newsletter templates

Are you sending out digital newsletters? We can design a great looking newsletter for you.

How’s your email signature looking?

We see a lot of email signatures where the Facebook and website links don’t work or the hero image is blurry. We also frequently see a common mistake people make and that’s putting all the contact information within the email signature image. Did you know some devices can’t read these images?

We can design a great looking email signature for you. We’ll include working links to your website, Facebook or LinkedIn profile – and we’ll make sure people can read all your details and get in touch, no matter what device they’re using.

digital design - email signature design - Digital Design | Graphic Design Lower Hutt, Wellington

Social media and online advertising

Does your social media presence need a polish? Great digital designs definitely help you stand out in a crowd.

We can set up your Facebook cover photo and LinkedIn imagery, giving it a professional look to match your brand, or ask us about designing posts or digital ads for your business.

Facebook adverts we designed for the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce for the 2016 Wellington Business Expo.

Ready to look great?

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