Done correctly, graphic design doesn’t cost you money; it makes you money!

You can tell when a product has been designed by a professional graphic design and branding agency. Your marketing material will:
  • have an edge, a WOW factor that conveys a trustworthy and polished business behind your marketing collateral
  • be user-friendly; designed with the end user in mind
  • get you noticed, ahead of your competition
  • be more likely to convert potential customers to buyers.
Do you want to stand out in print? We’ll put you ahead of the rest and make sure your marketing material is a pleasure for your customers to look at and read.

See us for logos, business cards and all sorts of print-related designs from posters, brochures and flyers, to billboards and more.

We have a wide range of trade alliances and can take care of design and production of your smaller jobs right through to the bigger ones.

Logo design
logo designer
New logo designed for a tiling company

Your logo underpins your company branding and identity.

Making sure your logo accurately represents your business and conveys the right message to your consumers is extremely important.

Does your logo accurately reflect your business? Whether you need your first logo or a logo refresh (to bring it up to date), or a logo update to reflect a change in business, we can help.

Business cards
business card design
New logo and business card design

A good looking, well made business card shows the difference between a professional, serious business and an amateur enterprise.

We will ensure your business card accurately reflects your business and is a design you are proud of. If you’d like to leave the printing to us, we’ll print your cards on quality card with a luxurious laminate, sure to impress your customers.

Pamphlets and flyers
pamphlet design
Three-fold pamphlet design

Pamphlets and flyers can be a different shape or size depending on your needs and budget.

They can range from a single or double-sided DL or A5 for a letterbox drop perhaps, to a six-fold or z-fold pamphlet. Talk to us about your needs.

Remind your customers what you have to offer and stay front of mind by leaving your quality marketing material with them.

Booklets and brochures
graphic design brochure
One of a series of brochures designed for RPS

Having high quality marketing collateral customers can keep and review could be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity.

Whether you have a lot of information to get across or just a little, we will display your products and services in an easy to read way. Your brochures will be a pleasure for your customers to look at and review.

Presentation folders
Presentation folders graphic design
Presentation folders for Plantation

These folders hold your company brochure(s) and other important documents in one handy place, to give to your customers. There is also a placeholder for one or two business cards.

Clients have told us their presentation folders have paid for themselves, putting them ahead of their competitors and winning them an increased number of projects they’ve pitched for.

infographic design
One of a series of infographics designed for MoE

When you have a lot of information to get across and it needs to be on one page only, a great infographic will display this for you.

While we’ve designed these for school environments typically, infographics can be used for any industry where there is a need to get a vast amount of information across in an easy to read way.

Pull up banners, trade shows
Expo banner designers
Pull up banners designed for MoE

We can design individual elements for your next trade show or expo, such as pull up banners, posters, signage, or we can design the entire exhibition signage for you.

We have a good number of trade partners who can take care of the printing and production for you so you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Vehicle and building signage
Sign at Wellington train station

We design signs and other displays for indoor or outdoor use.

From indoor office signs to exterior signage for buildings or vehicles, including sandwich boards … you name it, we can do it.

Talk to us. We can take care of the whole project for you, from start to finish.

Articles and adverts
advertisement designers
Newspaper advertisement design

We design adverts for newspapers and magazines and we can deal directly with the newspaper or magazine on your behalf. Black and white or colour, we can help.

We can lay out a great looking article for you and also provide you with copywriting services if needed.

poster graphic design
Poster design for expo

See us for posters of any size and shape and we will design these with your target market in mind.

Perhaps you have an existing sandwich board with interchangeable posters? We can design new posters for you.

You are welcome to organise printing of your posters, or our trade partners can take care of this for you.

Letterhead and notepads
notepad graphic design
Common sizes for notepads are A6, A5 and A4

We design all kinds of signs for indoor and outdoor use. See us for office signs, banners, building signage, vehicles, sandwich boards … you name it.

We can take care of the whole project for you, from start to finish.

Magazine design, documents
Magazine design for NZSA

We can lay out and design your magazine for you, or any kind of document, such as annual reports or other official documents. We can also produce your branding guidelines for you.

If there’s anything at all you want branded and looking great, we can help.

We design and produce most things
Love to Grow packaging
Packaging design
Product label
Product label
Sarah Searancke Catering menu graphic design
Catering menu
giant cheque graphic design
Giant cheque

Not sure if we can help? Just ask. Call us on 04 586 3909 or send us an email.

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