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Stay front of mind with email marketing

Email marketing is a proven, effective way of keeping existing customers engaged and active.

Your active and engaged customers are far less likely to go looking around for alternatives and are more likely to say ‘no’ if approached by one of your competitors.

Monthly or fortnightly newsletters are a great way to keep in contact and remind your customers of your business, while also building brand awareness.

If you have useful information to share, your customers want to hear about it!
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Genuine email marketing isn't spam

Companies producing custom content are interested in building long-term relationships with their customers. Guess who believes that? Only 90% of your customers!

The trouble with email is that we all get so many every day. How do you break through the barrier and make sure your newsletter is read?

Once you avoid the spam folder, the design, layout and content is key. Too long and ‘wordy’, people won’t read it; too short and people will dismiss the value of it.

It’s important to get this right. Nearly two-thirds of people would rather read beautifully designed content instead of something expressed plainly.
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Newsletters are a fantastic, under-utilised marketing opportunity for your business.

Give your customers useful information and tell them about other services you provide.

Ready to get set up?

We can help you get setup with an email newsletter template that stands out and is easy to read, with our custom coded designs.

All our designs are tailored to work well across today’s major email platforms and devices to ensure consistent look and feel, coupled with dynamic, mobile responsiveness.

Don’t have an email marketing platform yet? Don’t worry! We can take care of the whole setup including adding to and/or cleaning your email database.

Newsletters can be a standalone service or part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

See our plans or contact our team for more information.

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