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Lead generation websites

You can’t sell a secret. Are your customers finding you?

A successful lead generation website must have a proven SEO strategy behind it. Luck has nothing to do with it!

You want that coveted page one spot and we’re here to help. We work closely with one of New Zealand’s market leaders in SEO, to deliver you effective SEO strategies that deliver results.

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90% of searchers haven’t made up their mind about a brand before beginning their search. Let us help your business get noticed and be chosen.

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SEO is multi-layered.

If you are building a new website and SEO is important to you, look at the offerings of our lead generation websites to get the best start possible.
Google’s algorithms are always changing and today’s SEO landscape is remarkably different from even a few years ago.

It’s no longer a case of getting the meta right and structuring your website around your keywords, liberally sprinkling these on your pages and expecting to get found. Simple strategies don’t work any longer. Although meta and structure is key, this is generally taken care of in the initial development.

To get lasting results in SEO you need a happy compromise between site speed, mobile-friendliness, content, backlinks, social bookmarking, directory listings and more.

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SEO is part of your wider digital marketing strategy

SEO is most effective when coupled with other services under our digital marketing umbrella.
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Long lasting SEO results don't happen overnight

Adwords can help

Anyone telling you they can get you to page one tomorrow is telling you a lie.

Websites can receive penalties by being flooded with backlinks, social bookmark and other such content.

Google builds trust in a website over time, so effective SEO strategies drip-feed these month by month, to achieve long lasting, authoritative results.

For those needing instant success, talk to our team about Google Adwords.

Keen for an independent website review?

Undertake a complementary website audit with us and find out exactly how your website is performing.

Whether we built your website or not, we can help.

Our team provides robust reporting on the SEO compliance of your current website, independent rank reporting of where you are currently positioned and our recommendations on how to improve your SEO ranking, explained by our team, 1:1.

We’ll tell you about your meta data, how your website is ranking for your selected keywords, broken links and where improvements can be made. It’s all in your complementary website audit, so get yours on us at no charge. Just head to our website audit page and fill in some details, including what you’d like your website to be found for.

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