What to expect from your website design build

The following steps outline the process to complete the website build. All of our website packages, unless otherwise stated, include the visual design and layout of up to 10 pages by LimeRed Design. This base package can include copywriting and/or any of our other optional extras, including additional pages.

1. Existing website audit

Your current website (if you have one currently) is analysed on a range of key factors. These can include, but are not limited to: quality of current copy, site structure, representation of current branding, mobile-friendliness, SEO strategy and other relevant information. This leads into the design workshop phase of your website and required project planning.

2. Keywords

Research is undertaken to identify current market trends and online search traffic for the relevant market.

3. Rankings

Existing rank reports are generated based on current keyword research. If your site is a replacement, this forms a benchmark to rate your new site against. This step also assists with building a competitor analysis and SEO strategy.

4. Design workshop

LimeRed Design holds a design workshop with you in order to formulate a design brief. The current content (if applicable) will be reviewed to determine chosen styles, colours and general layout of your website content, otherwise if your site is completely new, a new style is created from this process. Key staff are invited to the workshop to contribute their views on the business direction and core goals of the website during this phase.

5. Visual design mock-up

LimeRed Design will mock-up two different options for the home page, along with up to two additional site pages, for your review. Based on your feedback, additional minor changes will be undertaken to provide a final design mock-up for these initial pages. After sign-off of the visual design, the website development work will commence.

6. Website development

On completion of your visual design, LimeRed Design will convert your design into a fully functioning website. The following outlines this process:

  • Convert the visual design to a website template. (The original visual design mock-up provides for consistent brand styling across the website)
  • Deploy the website template to a temporary development site (which you can access to monitor progress via a link that will be provided). During this time the required website coding will be completed
  • LimeRed Design will add content provided by the client and/or undertake additional copywriting if this option has been selected
7. Website training

Website training can be provided on how to add additional pages and content to your website, or monthly maintenance packages can be provided as an alternative option.

8. Go-live

Upon client sign-off, LimeRed Design facilitates the transfer from development site to the live production site. Once this has been updated, the following post-go-live tasks are undertaken on the live site.

  • Google updates
    • Submit the site to the Google index
    • Create and attach Google Analytics tracking code
    • Add the business to Google Maps (if applicable)
  • SEO compliance
    • Check page titles and descriptions and update where applicable
9. Post go-live

Once the go-live process has been completed, further changes (outside of maintenance packages) are charged under a time and materials basis from LimeRed Design.
We pride ourselves on our quality website training and we are happy to help with any technical difficulties our clients may have, however where technical assistance is required through no fault of ours, you may be charged a fee under our time and materials rate. Where technical assistance is required and the fault is found to be with LimeRed, there will be no charge applied.

Optional extras


LimeRed can assist with the creation of web-friendly content. This can include any or all of: online research, competitor analysis, staff interviews and 1:1 dictation (in person or by phone). Copywriting is charged at an hourly rate.


Your website can be optimised for Google and for your target market. The advanced SEO component includes keyword research, market trends, monthly ranking reports and SEO compliance optimisation. We recommend a three-month minimum term to achieve the best results.

Google Adwords may also be recommended, depending on the target market and competition for flooded markets.

Google AdWords

LimeRed can assist with Google AdWords campaigns. It is recommended that this is done in conjunction with or after the organic SEO step which provides LimeRed with the market trends and keyword research to put together an effective campaign.

Landing pages should be created (if required) for the Adwords campaign in order to achieve the highest conversion rate. Please note that these pages and content will be charged under time and materials if no maintenance package is in place.


Ecommerce solutions can be customised to meet your needs, from simple online shopping cart functionality, through to smart products, online products, fully variable product functionality and a range of payment gateways. One-off payment features or subscription models are available.

Case studies

Case studies are a highly effective addition to a website and useful for increasing the likelihood of customer conversions.

We recommend 3-5 case studies for go-live and as future major projects are completed, the case studies benefit from being updated with new content. This keeps the site current and fresh; useful for both site rankings and end user engagement.

We can contact your clients on your behalf and write case studies for you, as well as assist with developing new content for case studies, going forward.

This service can be factored into your website maintenance package at additional cost.

Custom specifications

Tell us what you require and we can add custom features to meet your needs. Custom features are priced separately depending on your requirements.

Additional website pages

Our websites are designed to have unlimited pages however our standard package includes up to 10 pages to be professionally designed and laid out for you.  Additional pages (beyond the initial 10) that require our design assistance are charged for separately.

Maintenance package for updates

Our maintenance packages include website hosting and minor edits. Minor edits relate to existing content changes, which may include replacing text and/or images. Additional content, e.g. new pages, rewriting, redesigning, etc., is charged under time and materials. This is charged per month and includes website hosting.


Monthly reports can be sent at an additional cost. Available reports include Google Adwords, Website Analytics, Facebook (including Ad Campaigns), Mailchimp Campaign reporting, LinkedIn and Twitter. We can provide a sample report on request.